The Society

The International Gastronautical Society is a critical research unit as well as a major design offensive towards food and eating. The Society constructs experienceable experimental set­ups. 
Their gastronauts create imaginative spaces for a vivid debate about eating, its foods, forms, influences and impacts. To act gastronautically means to approach food and eating as a toolkit and to reconnect its content in a new and highly flexible way. Gastronautical “cooking” shall not primarily excite pleasure: the Society cooks in order to use food as a language for telling stories with it: beautiful as well as upsetting ones!

By appreciating food and eating as a process that contains different phases and fragments, gastronauts deconstruct this universal nutrient process into bits such as table, nose, tongue, fork, brain, noises of engines, logistics, commercials, intellect, palates, plates, and swarm behavior,  in order to redesign it and create a new kind of oeuvre.

The Gastronautical Society recognizes these possibilities as an artistic opportunity that makes food reclaimable as a capacious medium. The basic reasearch into this novel medium, in order to make it designable, is the gastronautical mission: recognizing eating as a language is necessarily a process of learning, of trial and error. By doing this, the edible scope for design is continuously expanding. An increase of pleasure is happening – not through sophisticated combinations of ingredients but through far-fetched, apparently non-associated fragments of eating. The experience is not just culinary – it is gastronautical. Such moments lie on a meta­level beyond gastronomical sensations, revealed through applied gastonautics.

The products of the members of the International Gastronautical Society are mind-bending concepts and events for restaurants, festivals and cultural spaces, but also intellectual and visual output for publications, books and Web.
Thereby, provocative happenings, spectacular performances, edible landscapes, new traditions and rituals emerge.

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