The Manifesto

23rd of January,  2013

We, the International Gastronautical Society, declare the following:

1. That food is a type of good, which we intend to map, explore, and colonize.

2. That there is no life without food and its immanence. We shall sing every foodstuff’s liveliness – life, that is.

3. That we shall take it upon us, as our task, to make visible the agility and plurality of food. We will chart all its forms and media: in households and restaurants, where they are most apparent; also in nature, food dispensers, art and literature, in cellars underground, in roadside ditches, garbage bags, compost heaps and famine areas where it lurks submerged. We shall attempt to tap into its exhalations – through private kitchens, public space and all the sites where its processes and avatars are active.
Food shifts trough daily grinds: at banquets, in pubs and restaurants, at the hotdog stands and in cinema halls, on billboards and dining-cars, in gyms and churches, in the hospital and at the funeral. Food invades our apartments: through TV-shows and radio, magazines and cookbooks, via pizza services and chocolate gifts, mothers’ breasts and feeding bottles, in tetra packs and cans, plastic bags and powder form. As wine and as champagne.
Our very bodies are nothing more than vehicles carrying food inescapably towards life. We are all gastronauts – always, already.

4. Our ultimate aim shall be to establish a culture that savours lively and lives savourily,
fighting instant meals, famines, canned cud and fast food outlets – the death rows for our taste-buds.
Mankind’s only chance lies in eating in good and imaginative ways again.
Let us surrender ourselves completely to food, rigorously, creatively, eyes and mouths wide open so that they may be fed with opulence.


Bon Appétit!

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